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16 Acres Equine Educational Complex

Where People Enjoy Horses and Horses Enjoy People


Are you or your child looking to fulfill a lifelong dream of riding, showing or just having a great relationship with your horse? 16 Acres is the right place to start. It all starts with learning to be a natural leader for your horse. To talk a horse’s language is all about creating a clear and conscious connection between human and horse. This is done through learning equine behavior and language, and how to use natural horsemanship techniques to help you reach your goals. Anyone can learn to balance on the back of a horse – all that takes is practice. But a horsemanship expert can really communicate with their horse, is responsible for their horse, and can work with the horse without resistance.

These are the lessons you’ll learn at 16 Acres. Our programs are varied and customized to your level of skill and experience. Safe, sound lesson horses for all student skill levels are available. For young students, it is recommended that the child first start with private lessons, then as skills advance, transition into our half-day group sessions. Students may choose to participate in showing, and even leasing a horse. Adults that already own a horse may want to become part of the “Residents in Training” adult program. This program includes horsemanship lessons for you and your horse, care and feeding of your horse and lots of interaction with fellow residents who are following their dreams! No matter what your personal goal is improving your relationship with a horse, overcoming fear, or advancing your competitive skills – you’ll find help and support at 16 Acres.